Free 12 step HMO systemising guide

Are you an HMO landlord?

Would you like to receive your monthly rent every single month on the right date, to have peace of mind that all repairs are dealt with on time,  all  gas, electric, fire safety, pat certificates are renewed on time, all fire alarms are tested and logged, fire safety assessments are done and HMO license renewed when needed.

Would you like having real time pictures from your property reassuring that everything is looked after and all latest regulations are met?

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When I talk to HMO landlords one of the biggest worries that I hear most often are the worries of compliance, fire safety and latest regulations.

There are a lot of simple things that can go wrong when managing HMO properties by yourself. And even if not intentional mistakes, they can still cost you a lot of money:

Here are few of the fines for example:

  • Regulation 3.   £1,000 Failure of manager to display his details 
  • Regulation 4. £10,000 Failure of manager to take safety measures
  • Regulation 7. £19,000 Failure of manager to maintain common parts, fixtures, fittings and appliances
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Taking this in mind, for the past 7 years of HMO Management our main priority has been HMO compliance and ‘wow’ experience for tenants and landlords.

We have built a custom made HMO management system that we use to manage all our properties where every single thing is tracked and managed, starting from every single certificate, to waste disposal, fire safety and all latest compliances.

One of the most important criteria when creating Prime Property Care for me as an owner was flexibility and being able to oversee and manage the properties being anywhere in the world, so focusing on automation and systems was one of our number one priorities from the very beginning. 

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I have created a 12 step guide to help you to understand how to systemise your HMO properties and its management.

I have combined 7 years of our experience, our learnings, and mistakes along the way and with our expertise I have created this step by step guide to summarize most important aspects to help you to systemise and automate your HMO management.

If you are a landlord with more than 7 properties or if your vision and goal is having more than 7 HMO properties or maybe you are an HMO manager who is managing more than 7 properties, then this guide is definitely for you.

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 To help yourself to save time and hassle, please click the link below to download the free guide to start saving your precious time.

By Ilva Pam

Founder & CEO at Prime Property Care