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Are you an HMO landlord?

Would you like to receive your monthly rent every single month on the right date, to have peace of mind that all repairs are dealt with on time,  all  gas, electric, fire safety, pat certificates are renewed on time, all fire alarms are tested and logged, fire safety assessments are done and HMO license renewed when needed.

Would you like having real time pictures from your property reassuring that everything is looked after and all latest regulations are met?

Photo by Mikhail Pavstyuk

When I talk to HMO landlords one of the biggest worries that I hear most often are the worries of compliance, fire safety and latest regulations.


Who is your ideal tenant?

One of the everyday tasks in HMO management is sourcing new tenants for your properties, but do you really know who you are looking for?

Without a clear vision on your perception of an ideal tenant you fill find that there are many types of people. They are often described with a few key words such as, working professional, experienced, full time employed, or maybe a student or a party person, but these are just a few details, isn’t it?

Photo by Ryoji Iwata