Time, precious time.

In this blog I would like to share my thoughts about time.

Oddly, only this week, we had a larger than normal amount of people who were late for viewings, check – ins or appointments, so I decided to share my perspective on the value of time in business and life in general.

Photo by Niklas Rhöse

I think all of you will agree with me when I say that our time is the most valuable asset, simply because it’s so limited for everyone.

We all have 24 hours a day and there is no guarantee for anyone that you are promised another day, so looking from this perspective, all we have is 24 hours.

Sadly, I have noticed that the value of time is mostly appreciated only when people reach their 30s and often even later in life.

So what is the cause for people being late to meetings and appointments?

And by late I am not talking about 5 or 10 minutes, I am actually talking about at least an hour late!

That’s 4.1 % of the day!

I wonder, what is the mindset of people that allows them to disrespect and waste more than 4% of someone’s day, especially when you have made a commitment to the exact time of the appointment?

Photo by Andrea Natali

Is it their value system, ignorance or blatant disrespect?

Or is it because we ourselves don’t value our own time and therefore create this reality where being late is seen as nothing special?

To minimize this from happening to us we have started to place a high importance on our own time and set an example.

When booking a viewing (each viewing has 15 min time slots) we ask people to arrive exactly at their booked time in order for us to show them the property in the best possible way.

But what do you do when you have a viewing to which you have travelled to for half an hour, arrive at the property and the person is not there? When you call them they say they are running late, they are on their way and will be there soon, only to find out that they are still not there 20 minutes later?

Photo by Burst

You are eager to rent out the room and have already spent lots of time organizing the viewing, so would you stay and wait, or go and rearrange for another day?

Well, I personally would wait for up to 40 minutes and invest these 40 minutes in doing any other business tasks from the phone or doing a quick property condition report for the communal areas whilst waiting. Once the person would arrive I would show them around and in a kind manner let them know that I have made a one off exception and explain them how valuable my time is and if the person would match our ideal tenant criteria, I would talk to them and insist situations like this don’t arise in the future. 

And what about tenant check -in?

We have actually experienced it quite a few times ourselves.

People underestimate their time in packing and arrive with a great delay.

Once we even had a situation when a tenant was more than 3 hours late for their check in.

Photo by Nik Shuliahin

3 hours, that’s like 12.3 % of the day!

In this occasion we didn’t wait and rearranged the check in. He had to reorganize his move in process and I believe he learnt a valuable lesson.

Respecting your time is really important but respecting the time of others is essential. 

Now we ensure to have an in depth conversation with every single person who is late.

We also send out a crafted email explaining them the value of our time and a kind reminder to respect our team and our effort invested in helping our tenants to have a safe, good quality, clean and homely home, so we would appreciate the punctuality from their side for all future appointments. You may also add a charge for a missed or late appointment, however it’s something we have not done as of yet.

Photo by Harman Sandhu

So let’s be respectful to ourselves and others by always striving to be on time and ensure not a minute is wasted!